LA DAO in San Francisco

After the year long global pandemic, the crypto community finally gathers for the first in person event of LA DAO in San Francisco. The event was hosted in Blockchain Capital, one of the oldest venture capital firms investing in the future of crypto and blockchain.

Starting the event, we rejoiced in food and great networking opportunities, then we proceeded to have two amazing workshops where we discussed compliance framework in crypto currency and NFTs, art and beyond.

In our first workshop we discussed the future of crypto adoption; venture capital moving into crypto, trading going mainstream and security measures in the DeFi space. After the first panel, cocktails were served, and the room was filled with excitement. We entered the second panel with joy and discussed NFTs beyond art, such as tokenized real estate, domain names and digital land. We talked about what it meant to own valuable NFTs and start seeing them as part of our sports and media culture.

The event was a success and we had an amazing turnout. Thank you to every speaker for taking time out of their day and contributing to this amazing conversation. Thank you for our sponsored drinks by Sonoma Vodka and the Modernist for hosting the after party event. Most importantly, thank you to everyone in the crypto community that continues to be part of the LA DAO, without you, our community would not be what we have today. More events to be announced soon!

Thanks to our partners: Hex Trust, Superworld, ARX, and Sonoma Vodka. Blockchain Capital and the Modernist for their space.

Willow and The Amber Show